Ray Vendetta – TDA Mark 4: Cryogenic Artifacts (WEB) (2019) (320 kbps)

Posted: 14.11.2019


01. Infinity Gems (prod. by Graphwize)
02. 6 Million Stories feat. Josiah Matrix & Capo Blaze (prod. by Architech)
03. Black Gloves feat. SageInfinite (prod. by Vic Grimes)
04. Luminal Aftermaths feat. Doc Voodoo & Jonny Data (prod. by Evil Ed)
05. Scandal Bags (prod. by Sonnyjim)
06. The Excellence feat. Lady Sanity & Ash The Author (prod. by B-Sun)
07. Tight feat. Skeme Sterling (prod. by Karnate)
08. Clap Your Face feat. Oliver Sudden (prod. by Street Trash)
09. Mr. Nice (prod. by Giallo Point)
10. Born Immaculate (prod. by Calvert)
11. 6 Pints feat. Lone Ninja & Warlord Baker (prod. by Bad Company)
12. Calm Carnage (prod. by Grim Pickinz)
13. Out Here feat. Allstar Stacks (prod. by Ant-Will)
14. JA52 (prod. by Calvert)
15. Definitive feat. BadFX (prod. by Gordo Templi)
16. Self Master feat. Nomad & Flowtechs (prod. by Remazz)
17. Mechanical Eyez (prod. by K.Zorro)
18. Anita Tapestries (prod. by Calvert & BadFX)
19. Dawn Slaughter (prod. by DJ Evi-Denz)

01. Bartial Arts (prod. by Micall Parknsun)
02. Billion Bar Mindset (prod. by Eyedee)
03. Poison Spear Tip feat. Rogue Venom (prod. by Calvert)
04. Victory Dance feat. K.Zorro & DNTE (prod. by Roll Blunt)
05. Great Visions feat. Daniel Son & Phyba (prod. by Phyba)
06. Trainwreck feat. Dank (prod. by Dray Yard)
07. For Reasons Unknown feat. Heem Stogied, Mav Montana & Sleep Sinatra (prod. by Sonnyjim)
08. No Limit 98 (prod. by BadFX)
09. Clean Killz feat. Tha God Fahim & Recognize Ali (prod. by Grim Pickinz)
10. Recoil feat. Killa Kali (prod. by Karnate)
11. Guardz Wave feat. Mas Law & Marv Radio (prod. by Grim Pickinz)
12. Elite Penmanship feat. Cappo (prod. by Kong)
13. Sweet Amelia (prod. by Vidual)
14. G.T.F.O.H. feat. Da Flyy Hooligan (prod. by Calvert)
15. Fedoraz feat. Tesla’s Ghost & Conway (Evil Ed Remix)
16. Dark Hearts feat. Kropz (prod. by Noize Thievery)
17. Back When feat. Joker Starr (prod. by Soss)
18. Terrific Style / Micheal’s Glove (prod. by Phyba)


320 kbps – Florenfile

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