R.A.S. Posse – Riddem And Soul (CD) (2019) (320 kbps)

Posted: 22.02.2019

Recorded 1992-93.


1. Intro
2. Power Of Soul
3. You Are No Different From Me Feat. Robbie Irie
4. Rock The House (Demo Version)
5. Competition
6. We Are The Teachers
7. Hey Little Girl Feat. Robbie Irie
8. Well Run Dry Feat. Robbie Irie
9. Riddem And Soul
10. Mind Your Buisiness
11. Movin On Feat. Robbie Irie
12. R.A.S. Posse Feat. Robbie Irie
13. Lazy Body
14. Money, Weed, Hoes
15. The Posse Feat. Robbie Irie
16. Raised In The Ghetto
17. Ruff Feat. Kid, Bas Blasta, Scar
18. The Posse (Freestyle Version) Feat. Robbie Irie
19. Lyrical Champion
20. Well Run Dry (Dancehall Remix) Feat. Robbie Irie
21. So Good So Bad Feat. Bigga Don


320 kbps – Florenfile

Thanks to Extrez!

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