Pudgee – King Of New York (CD) (2017) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 17.01.2017

I have quite a few CDs in my collection, but this one definitely has a special place for me. Not that often you get those rare shelved East Coast 90’s albums released on CD. That’s why I decided to rip it myself and to share it here for all those dedicated visitors of our blog. This one was originally released back in ’95, but right here in ’17 you can grab it in nice lossless quality.


01. Barry White Intro
02. On The Regular
03. Money Don’t Make Your World Stop
04. Talk Behind Your Back
05. Hustler’s Anthem
06. Whatever
07. King Of New York
08. Things Ain’t Changed
09. Make Em Die
10. 900# Commercial (Interlude)
11. Niguhz Fo Life
12. Tha Hold Up
13. For My Daughter
14. The Regular (Remix)
15. Dead Men Tell No Tales
16. Love Somebody Else
17. Say Goodbye (Feat. Missy Elliott)
18. Check One Two (94′ Unreleased Bonus Track) (Feat. Da King & I, Homacyde)


FLAC (Ripped by Janka-man) – Uploaded / Florenfile

320 kbps – Uploaded / Florenfile

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