Public Enemy‎ – Singles N' Remixes 1987-1992 (Japan Edition) (1992) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 31.10.2016


1  Public Enemy No. 1
2  You’re Gonna Get Yours
3  Rebel Without A Pause
4  Bring The Noise (No Noise Version)
5  Don’t Believe The Hype
6  Night Of The Living Baseheads (Anti-Blood Pressure Encounter Mix)
7  Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos (Radio Version)
8  Fight The Power
9  Welcome To The Terrordome
10  911 Is A Joke
11  Brother’s Gonna Work It Out (Remix)
12  Can’t Do Nuttin’ For Ya Man (U.K. 12″ Power Mix)
13  Bring Tha Noize
14  Can’t Truss It (Goree Island Conga Radio Mix)
15  Shut Em Down (Pe-Te Rock Mixx)

Ripped and reupped by Janka-man!

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2 comments "Public Enemy‎ – Singles N' Remixes 1987-1992 (Japan Edition) (1992) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)"

  • @djSÜNDENFALL read:

    thanks to you for the Public Enemy – Singles ´n Remixes post. the best, Best of of chuck d and his Crew ever! thank you so much for this! greetings and friendly regards from vienna/ austria

  • @djSÜNDENFALL read:

    and yes i´m a goth but public enemy, krs- one, ice cube, chuck d, Guru, sugarhill gang, kurtis blow, blowfly, and and and are too good. i hear them if i´m at home very often. thanks!!!!

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