Prince Original & J-Love – One Life To Live (WEB) (2014) (320 kbps)

Posted: 25.07.2015

Prince Original & J-Love - One Life To Live

J-Love is famous for his mixtape work yet he continues to put out extremely developed MCs with content, strong talent developing technical skill. All into albums that go deep into their ideas and many builds the MC has had on his mind forever and a break. Prince Original has these tools, the lenses on the street and the principles that go beyond just the righteous name. One Life To Live comes through in the name of his developing abilities, broad subject matter and….that street militant righteously fighting gutter illness… Prince Original. Also Featuring G-Dubs, Straight Jacket, Jay Steele, Timeless Truth, Knowledge, Science and Take It.


01. Long Way Home
02. Sacrifice
03. Justice League feat. Take-It, Gee Dubs & J-Love
04. Verbal Matrimony feat. Science
05. Dream Chaser
06. Dream Chaser Words
07. Serengeti feat. J-Love
08. Acclaimed Ambiance
09. Straight Queen Talk feat. Straight Jacket
10. Beautiful Queen
11. Prince Of Steel feat. Jay Steele
12. Tearz Of A Soldier feat. Knowledge
13. Warrior Status feat. Meyhem Lauren, Whyz Ruler & AG Da Coroner
14. Straight Battle Call
15. Predatorial Music feat. Timeless Truth
16. Lost Hour feat. Gee Dubs
17. Master Of Ceremony


320 kbps –  |  Florenfile

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