OST – Tales From The Hood (CD) (1995) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 02.03.2019

In an attempt to replicate the surrealistic violence of the film, the soundtrack to the exploitation horror film Tales from the Hood is filled with hardcore gangsta rap. Predictably, most of the songs on the disc are filled with explicit violence and ridiculous boasts, which wouldn’t be so bad if they were all executed with the imagination of The Wu-Tang Clan’s “Let Me at Them,” or Wu-Tang member Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Ol’ Dirty’s Back,” two tracks driven by spare, razor-sharp beats and lyrics. Most of the rest of Tales from the Hood is filled with generic gangsta fare, which means the album will only appeal to the genre’s most devoted fans.


01 Wu-Tang Clan – Let Me At Them
02 Face Mob – Face Mob
03 Domino – Tales From The Hood (feat. Chill)
04 Spice 1 – Born II Die
05 Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Ol’ Dirty’s Back
06 NME And Grench, The Mean One – I’m Talkin’ To Myself
07 Havoc & Prodeje – The Hood Got Me Feelin’ The Pain
08 MC Eiht – One Less Nigga
09 Gravediggaz – From The Darkside
10 Bokie Loc – Death Represents My Hood
11 The Click – Hot Ones Echo Thru The Ghetto
12 N.G.N. – The Grave

FLAC – Florenfile

320 kbps – Florenfile

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