One Be Lo & Eric G – Baby (Being A Black Youth) (WEB) (2020) (320 kbps)

Posted: 12.12.2020


01. Bees and bird yolk (Why chromosomes) feat. Melanie Rutherford (03:48)
02. Bars and be yawned (Son shine and reign) feat. Aja Black (04:18)
03. Bills aint bossing you (i.t.c.h.) feat. Freeway & DJ Abilities (03:51)
04. Bad accounts break you (D.A.M.N.) feat. Wes Restless & DJ Abilities (04:08)
05. Battle armor built young (Go harder) feat. Black Milk, Guilty Simpson & DJ Abilities (03:34)
06. Battery acid burning yearning (Determination) feat. Supastition, Ka Di & DJ Abilities (04:41)
07. Black Ace buried young (Purple heart attack) feat. Spade & DJ Abilities (04:23)
08. Beauty’s about being yourself (d.r.a.f.T.) feat. T Bird & DJ Abilities (04:02)
09. Bake a big yam (Sugar) feat. Liza Garza (03:55)
10. Books a bout you (HisStory) feat. DJ Abilities (03:42)
11. Buttons attached, buckles yoked (Come unity) feat. Longshot, Akir, Melanie Rutherford & DJ Abilities (04:15)
12. Blown away by youngsters (dis a peer) feat. T. Calmese, Ro Spit, Royce da 5’9 & DJ Abilities (03:50)
13. Bring a bigger yardstick (Game changer) feat. MC Juice, Ka Di & DJ Abilities (04:05)
14. Barbecues and back yards (Live at the BBQ) feat. Zumbi of Zion I, Devin the Dude, Melanie Rutherford & DJ Abilities (04:23)
15. Be always beside you (IYWMTS) feat. Jean Grae, Phonte, Miles Bonny & Ka Di (04:19)
16. Bodies around boomboxes yelling (Rewind Forward) feat. DJ Abilities (03:30)


320 kbps – Florenfile

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