Oak Cliff Assassin – Hater Free (CD) (1997) (320 kbps)

Posted: 07.08.2013


01 Dreadlock Booya
02 Who U Iz?
03 Hater Free (feat. Lock Down Inmates)
04 Gettin’ It On
05 World Wide Block Party (feat. Kymm T)
06 Crunk (feat. Humiside Soldiers)
07 G’s Show Me Luv
08 Miss Me
09 At Da’ Car Wash (feat. Mettaforic)
10 You Ain Know
11 Wanna Be On My Team (feat. Kymm T)
12 Square It Off (feat. Humiside Soldier &, Mettaforic)
13 Used To Kick It (feat. C.B.P.)
14 Rock-A-Bye, Cocaine
15 Caught Up In Some Shit
16 Like Da’ Mob (feat. Alias Clay, E-Rock, Gu Gu, Humiside Soldiers, Kottonmouth, Manish D., Mettaforic, Play’R & Strict-9)
17 Dallas To Houston (feat. Chain Gang & Ganksta NIP)
18 Livin’ Dead


320 kbps – Florenfile

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