Oak Cliff Assassin – A Hit On Da’ Hitman (CD) (1995) (320 kbps)

Posted: 15.03.2015


Oak Cliff Assassin is a rapper/producer from Dallas, TX. He got his name from a song he recorded called “Oak Cliff Assassin” back in the late 80’s when he was a member of the group called Eliminators. In 1989 he started his first company, Lock Down Productions with the help of DJ Dark Fader. Then in the early 90’s, O.C.A.(Oak Cliff Assassin) and Henry Peeples launched Lock Down Records.

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01 Tha Bomb Delivery
02 Comin’ Soon
03 Hooride
04 Let It Marinate
05 Dallas To Houston (feat. Chain Gang & Ganksta NIP)
06 Livin’ Dead
07 Creepin’ In Da’ Motherload (feat. Grim Reeper & L-Double-E)
08 En Luv With A Killa
09 Da’ Funky Hitman
10 Da’ Weekend
11 O.C.A.’s Groove
12 Dat Ol’ Gangsta Shit (feat. L-Double-E)
13 Can’t See Nothin Wrong (feat. The Godfather & Strict-9)
14 Pop Goes Da’ Fiend (feat. DJ Dark Fader)
15 A Hit On Da’ Hitman
16 Bullet Proof (feat. Criminal Justice, D-Divine, The Godfather, Mr. Clay, Strict-9, Vendetta)
17 Da’ Weekend (Radio Remix) (Bonus Track)
18 MC-10 Checka (Remix) (Bonus Track)


320 kbps – Florenfile

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