North Bronx Alliance & Aiello Wilson – The NY Kings EP (Vinyl) (2012) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 28.05.2018

Ever heard of the MC Aiello Wilson and the group North Bronx Alliance? Nah, not many cats have. The only reason anyone has is due to the efforts of a few hardcore, OCD Hip Hop vinyl collectors and obsessional bloggers that have kept the music from these two extremely low-key 12″ pressings alive.

In 1997, Aiello Wilson along with producer DJ Rob Dinero pressed up 300 copies of a single entitled ‘Black Soil’ featuring N.B.A (rappers K-Black and Cypher) themselves and did the typical independent record label thing of going from store to store in NYC pushing their product on consignment. The artwork consisted of a hand-spray-painted cover and anyone who has a copy of this very rare record can confirm the whole project looks, feels, sounds and smells indie. As well as pressing a small number of promo cassette tapes for the singles ‘Black Soil’ and ‘Live 97/Black Caesar’, Rob and his group N.B.A. started up the process of dropping another record but the project only got as far as test pressing stage and only 5 maybe 10 (he can’t remember exactly) copies were made. In the last few years those records have been exchanging hands for many many dolla!


A1 Aiello Wilson – Black Soil feat. N.B.A
A2 N.B.A. – Black Caesar
A3 N.B.A. – Nobody Can Save U
B1 Aiello Wilson – 80 Proof Rhymes (Cassette Version)
B2 N.B.A. – NY Kings feat. Aiello Wilson
B3 N.B.A. – The Gamble Pt 2


FLAC – Florenfile

320 kbps – Florenfile

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    thank you for sharing this.
    north bronx Alliance is DOPE!!

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    love you man, thanks for this

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