Ms. Toi – That Girl (2001) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 23.09.2016

This got requested, so here you go!

Best known for her cameos on Ice Cube records, Ms. Toi offers her first solo album with That Girl. The lead single, “Hand Clap,” is a horn-filled confection that sounds like a pale reworking of Eve’s “Who’s That Girl?” Several tracks on the album, such as “Hand Clap” and the title track, “That Girl,” suffer from sub-par lyrics. Various cameos bring some energy to the project: the unmistakable slanguistics of Oakland rapper E-40 boosts “Work a Twist,” and “Be Like Me” features the handywork of St. Lunatics Nelly, Ali, and Murphy Lee. While That Girl is a respectable solo effort, Ms. Toi relies too heavily on other artists to provide her music with any lyrical punch.

1 That Girl 4:43
2 Handclap 3:39
3 Love Me Or Leave Me 4:32
4 Work A Twist Featuring – E-40 4:41
5 Can’t None Y’All 4:23
6 C’Mon 3:28
7 Be Like Me Featuring – Ali, Murphy Lee, Nelly 4:22
8 Fly Chick Featuring – The Transitions 5:26
9 My Dogs And My Locs 4:42
10 Bonnie Ride 4:30
11 Well Say That Featuring – Poppa LQ 4:58
12 Wonder Why 4:34
13 Bangin’ Featuring – MC Ren 5:09
14 Here To Stay 3:27
15 Love Me Or Leave Me (Remix) 4:39
16 When I Bust 4:37

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  • @Turbo read:

    Ummmmm actually Eve’s Who’s That Girl came after that. Theres history in that but i wont get into it. Soon enough her story will be told. Follow Ms. Toi on instagram @ceo_goent and get her latest albums on itunes!!!!

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