Mr. Brady – Timing Is Everything (CD) (2014) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 21.02.2016

Timing Is Everything

Mr Brady is sharper than he has ever been. With his new album Timing is Everything, it’s evident why he’s been in the game and remained relevant all these years. Not only did he handle all the rhyme duties on every track, he also produced and mixed it all himself. The soulful hard hitting album features Blu, The Grouch, Exile and more. With his passion, drive and love for the music, it’s safe to say, Mr Brady is here to stay!


01. Where Will I Go
02. Yo! (feat. Moka Only)
03. Jewel Piece (feat. Blu, Johaz & Moka Only)
04. Out Here (feat. Miki Vale)
05. Time (feat. The Grouch)
06. War (feat. Sene & Nanna B)
07. Claps (feat. Coss & Piff PCH)
08. Brady Science (feat. Exile & Choosey)
09. Purple Leafs (feat. LMNO)
10. Hold Up (feat. Thaione Davis)
11. Where Will I Go (Instrumental)
12. Yo! (Instrumental)
13. Jewel Piece (Instrumental)
14. Out Here (Instrumental)
15. Time (Instrumental)
16. War (Instrumental)
17. Claps (Instrumental)
18. Brady Science (Instrumental)
19. Purple Leafs (Instrumental)
20. Hold Up (Instrumental)


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