Manu Dibango Featuring MC Mell ‘O’ – Polysonik (1992) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 11.02.2017
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You might have heard about Jazz music legend Manu Dibango, and you might have heard about UK hip-hop legend MC Mell’o’… Maybe you have heard about them both. And I hope so. This album surprisely is not that popular around the net and not that much info can be found. But i say, that you shouldn’t do your sleep on this now. Get it while it’s still hot in that previously on blogospheres unseen quality.

1 Senga Abele 8:06
2 Yekey Tenge 5:54
3 Soma Loba 6:55
4 Polysoniʞ 7:18
5 Minçalor 6:56
6 Kwala Kwala 6:00
7 Negriers 5:54
8 Jazzeries 4:13
9 Polysoniʞ (Dance Mix) 7:17
10 Minçalor (Dance Mix) 7:02

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2 comments "Manu Dibango Featuring MC Mell ‘O’ – Polysonik (1992) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)"

  • @Ernesto read:

    please reup flac, thanks

    • @Janka-Man read:

      Hey Ernesto. Sure thing. will reup them as soon as i can (Mello’s and Jungle Ragga).
      any more u need from my rips to be reupped?

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