Krazy Race – The International Project (WEB) (2012) (320 kbps)

Posted: 07.02.2020


01. Let It Be Known (feat. Javie Lopez)
02. Gladiators (feat. Abusivo)
03. Black Angels (feat. XP Of Rhyme Addicts, Smokey Rob Of Gutterfame & EQ)
04. Beats, Bars & Spit (feat. Pawz One, Destruct & inDJnous)
05. Beat Box (Interlude)
06. L.L.U.H.H (Long Live Underground Hip Hop) (feat. Godilla & Lil Race)
07. Murder Fest (feat. Capitol I-Man Of Tha Mexakinz)
08. Black Out (feat. I-Suppose, Mesidge & DJ Qvali)
09. Reflections (feat. Vic Garcia Of All Else Fails)
10. Guns, Bullets & Kevlar (feat. Sporty Loco)
11. You Never Know
12. International Project (Interlude)
13. The Journey (feat. Ricasshay)
14. Chemtrails
15. Love Gone Wrong (feat. Nancy Ocampo)
16. The Gift & The Curse
17. From The Heart (feat. Diamonique)
18. Master Of Ceremonies (feat. dRumrap)
19. Bloodline (feat. Olmeca Of Acid Reign)
20. Sword Of Revolution (feat. Thief Sicario)
21. Desperado (feat. Mr. Gremlin, Top Dime, & Mexicali Of BLC)
22. Wack MC’s (feat. Los Crux)
23. My Definition
24. Cali 2 Colombia DJ Dap (feat. Ali aka Mind & Krazy Race)
25. Cypher Of Destruction (feat. Loco Rodriguez)


320 kbps – Florenfile

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