Koncepts – Project: Ambershine (Cassette) (1997) (320 kbps)

Posted: 07.02.2017

Jonathan Sklute, known to hip-hop fans through his membership of legendary underground Bay Area hip-hop group Kemetic Suns, moved out from the East Bay to NYC in 1995 to attend college at NYU, coincidentally not far from where his East 5th Street record store is located. “I was into vinyl and I was a record collector….and just been into vinyl and hip-hop and through DJi’ng I started getting into collecting,” he recalled of how he came to open Good Records seven years ago. “I had an opportunity to open a record shop. I had some money saved up and thought I had a good opportunity and I had a good location,” he said of his specialty record shop that has lots of rare funk, soul, jazz, and hip-hop. “It is really a collectors shop, all vintage and used, a lot of rarities” for people who want “archive copy of music.” Of his specialty store he said, “If you build it people will come coz people who collect records will stop at nothing.”


A1. Open Sky Intro
A2. Remember?
A3. Ballad Pt. I (Ft. Evil East)
A4. I’d Like 2 Know (Ft. The Artist Presently Known As Me)
A5. The Prophecy (Ft. Merle Corey)
A6. Book Of The Dead Remix (Ft. Evil East)
A7. Vicious Betrayal
B1. Two M.F.’s Troopin 2 The Sun
B2. 360° Beat
B3. We & Dem
B4. The Gate (Ft. Merle Corey & Bad Batz Maru)
B5. Travelin’
B6. Present Tense Remix
B7. El Cantante
B8. Amber Shine Outro


320 kbps – Florenfile

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