Killa Tay – Thug Thisle (CD) (2000) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 28.05.2014


01. Watts (Intro) (feat. D. Dope and Rodney O)
02. So Serious (feat. Brotha Lynch)
03. №1 Hottest Coast (Killa Cali) (feat. Destruckto and Young Maylay)
04. Mob Music (feat. Guce and Huccabucc)
05. Top Dollar (feat. Agerman)
06. Whoo Ride (feat. C-Bo)
07. Murder Kill
08. Turf Kings (feat. Huccabucc, J-Dubb and Spice 1)
09. Ride Tonight (feat. Huccabucc, Ed Bone and Fish)
10. Tug Babies (feat. Bad Azz and Spice 1)
11. Thug Thizzle (feat. E, King T and Rodney O)
12. That’s It (feat. Bad Azz and MoJay)
13. Hate the Game (feat. Outlawz)
14. On the Trigga (feat. KJ and Tac)
15. Rap Star (feat. Agerman)
16. Blast First (feat. Twin Inc)
17. Outro


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320 kbps – Florenfile

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