Johnson&Jonson – Johnson&Jonson (CD) (2008) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 24.11.2015

Blu & Mainframe - Are Johnson & Jonson

Johnson&Jonson is the project by Blu and Mainframe. Most are familiar with Blu’s work with producer Exile on the release, “Below the Heavens,” and his release with Ta’Raach as C.R.A.C. for their album, “The Piece Talks.” Johnson&Jonson rounds Blu’s foundation for their debut release “Johnson&Jonson,” in a period where Blu recorded all three projects (Below the Heavens, C.R.A.C, and Johnson&Jonson),during a similar time period.

Intended as a mixtape for “Below the Heavens,” “Johnson&Jonson” is a project filled with fun, wit, and experience told by an emerging hip hop star, while living and recording the project in Long Beach, CA. It was supposed to paint a different story to other projects, as Johnson&Jonson is intended to be Blu’s rap/swagger project, as opposed to the energy of C.R.A.C. or the song writing and auto-biographical nature of Blu & Exile’s “Below the Heavens.” Blu’s personality and humor captivates audiences, while displaying his lyrical power and capability.

Be prepared to embark on another journey provided by Blu. This time with the help of Mainframe, as the group, “Johnson&Jonson,” both artists take you on a trip through their life in Long Beach, CA — the ups and downs, their stories and experiences, and their relate-able humor that everyone can identity with.


01. J And J
02. Up All Night
03. Half A’ Knot
04. Mama Told Me
05. The Gusto Room (feat. Mainframe as Jon Johnson & Bo Bo Lamb as Jack Johnson)
06. Wow!
07. The Only Way
08. In The Building (feat. Miguel as Jontel Johnson)
09. Bout It, Bout It (feat. Mainframe as Jon Johnson)
10. Spell Check (feat. Big D Menace)
11. Long Time Gone
12. Still Up All Night (feat. Co$$ as Troy Johnson)
13. A Perfect Picture
14. Anything Is Possible (feat. Mainframe as Jon Johnson & Sumoch as Randy Johnson)
15. The Oath
16. Hold On John


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