Jedi Mind Tricks – Visions Of Gandhi (Instrumentals) (2003) (192 kbps)

Posted: 05.04.2013


01. Tibetan Black Magicians
02. Blood In Blood Out
03. The Rage Of Angels
04. Demonwomb
05. Animal Rap (Arturo Gatti Mix)
06. Nada Cambia
07. Boondock Saints
08. The Wolf
09. Walk With Me
10. Rise Of The Machines
11. Pity Of War
12. Kublai Khan
13. What’s Really Good
14. The Heart Of Darkness


192 kbps – Florenfile

1 comment "Jedi Mind Tricks – Visions Of Gandhi (Instrumentals) (2003) (192 kbps)"

  • @skillzprotege read:

    Is there any version of this where “A Storm of Swords” Instrumental is included??
    If so where can i get it/purchase the album??

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