Headshots – Industrial Warfare: Vol. 6 (Cassette) (1998) (320 kbps)

Posted: 08.06.2018


A1 –No Artist – Warfare Intro Pt.1
A2 –The Dynospectrum – Industrial Warfare
A3 –Atmosphere – Travel (Remix)
A4 –No Artist – ANT Interlude
A5 –Extreme – Transitional Grammar
A6 –Feel It – And Eyedea Native Ones Live @ The Entry
A7 –Beyond – Absolutely
A8 –No Artist – Warfare Interlude
A9 –Slug And Extreme – Heavy Metal
A10 –Phull Surkle – A Chance In This World
A11 –Beyond – And Slug Sent
A12 –Beyond – Defense Mechanism
B1 –No Artist – Warfare Intro Pt.2
B2 –Atmosphere – Feat. Extreme (4) Substance Abuse
B3 –Beyond – Many Phases
B4 –No Artist – Dedication To All EPS Clocks
B5 –Atmosphere – Multiples (Remix)
B6 –Phull Surkle – Golden Valley Murder
B7 –Sixth Sense – Technics
B8 –The Dynospectrum – Fuck Tha Bullshit
B9 –No Artist – RSE Big Kids Live @ The Red Sea
B10 –Beyond – And Slug Dubs
B11 –No Artist – Warfare Outro


320 kbps – Florenfile

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