Ghetto Boys – Grip That / On That Other Level – Club Single (VLS) (1989) (320 kbps)

Posted: 09.03.2015
This vinyl release is VERY VERY rare!!! Ready Red told me that there weren’t too many of these pressed. There is currently one going on discogs for $522. I am trying to track down the “Radio Single” too. Big ups to Daniel for helping me track a rip of this down. There is an odd skip on “Scar Face”. It might be a pressing issue because the vinyl is clean with no visible scratches.


A1 Gangsters Of Love
A2 Scar Face
A3 Read These Nikes
B1 Talking Loud
B2 Life In The Fast Lane
B3 Let A Hoe Be A Hoe


320 kbps – Florenfile

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  • @TC read:

    I have this vinyl. One of my old crate digging buddies and producer Jake One found it a Seattle record show must have been 2000 maybe? I ended up getting it off him in a trade. Scarface does indeed have a glitch. Topcat

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