Gasoline – A Journey Into Abstract Hip-Hop (CD) (2002) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 08.09.2016

Gasoline - A Journey Into Abstract Hip-Hop

Gasoline us here, as the name of his album foreshadowed a real immersion in abstract hip hop and how abstract hip hop! The first track opens the show with an example of the kind (Introduction of a Jedi) reflects the recursive structure of the different tracks that make up this album, namely a smooth introduction and a sample depth melodic subtly dotted with scratches and cuts of copy dexterity enhancing the flavor of a loop though a priori trivial! And now it points to the strength of this album! Indeed, the innate ability of young people to make their Polish flavors faded loops (Dragun’z invasion is the paradigm) surprised even admiration.


01. Introduction of a Jedi
02. The Hardest
03. Geisya (feat. Maki)
04. Diesel Ride
05. El Rasla (feat. Trouble & Fran…)
06. 48 Heures
07. Dragunz Invasion
08. Same People (feat. Marissa Knight)
09. Same People
10. Chicago’s Nites
11. Downtown Beirut (feat. TimeBomb)
12. Neighbours in My Room
13. We Don’t Play (feat. Kara, Jo l’Affront & Akela)
14. Ya All Ear?
15. On the Run
16. Shadows
17. Da Truth
18. All Tek (Beatjuggling Demos By Ced Swift And Dam’s & Main Beat Produced By DJ Vadim)


FLAC – Florenfile

320 kbps – Florenfile

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