Fat Boys – On And On (CD) (1989) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 15.10.2016


One of early rap’s most successful acts, the Fat Boys parlayed a combined weight of over 750 pounds into a comic novelty act that sustained them through several albums and hit singles. Originally known as the Disco 3, Brooklynites Mark “Prince Markie Dee” Morales, Damon “Kool Rock-Ski” Wimbley, and Darren “Buff the Human Beat Box” Robinson won a talent contest at Radio City Music Hall in 1983, thanks in part to Robinson’s talent for using his mouth to improvise hip-hop rhythms and a variety of sound effects. The trio changed their name and recorded a series of good-time party anthems and songs humorously exploiting their weight; their first few records were produced by Kurtis Blow and feature fusions of hip-hop with reggae and rock. the Fat Boys hit their commercial peak with 1987’s platinum LP Crushin’, a collection of entertaining party tunes that included a hit collaboration with the Beach Boys, “Wipeout.” The group took the opportunity to star in the comedy film Disorderlies that year. Coming Back Hard Again essentially repeated the formula of Crushin’; the cover this time was “The Twist (Yo’ Twist),” which featured backing from Chubby Checker. However, audience tastes were changing, and the Fat Boys’ gimmicky novelty act was quickly becoming passé. The group tried to expand their artistic and street credibility with the ill-advised “rap opera” On and On, which promptly stiffed and prefaced the group’s breakup. Prince Markie Dee recorded a solo album in 1992 and went on to a successful R&B songwriting/producing career. Robinson died of a heart attack in December 1995.

01. Yo! Venture (Doctor Dre & Ed Lover)
02. Lie-z.
03. Get Down
04. Things Nah Go So
05. School Days
06. It’s Getting Hot
07. On And On
08. Just Loungin’
09. Knock ‘Em Out The Box
10. Braggin’
11. She’s Hookin’ Trouble
12. Trouble
13. If It Ain’t The One Thing It’s Anuddah Bruddah
14. Rainy Rainy
15. After Word (Doctor Dre & Ed Lover)

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