EPMD – Best Of (1999) (VBR)

Posted: 20.12.2012


01 It’s My Thang
02 You Gots To Chill
03 Strictly Business
04 So Wat Cha Sayin’
05 The Big Payback
06 Get The Bozack
07 Please Listen To My Demo
08 Gold Digger
09 Rampage
10 Crossover
11 Headbanger
12 Never Seen Before
13 Da Joint


VBR – Florenfile

1 comment "EPMD – Best Of (1999) (VBR)"

  • @JMS read:

    This album is totally wack and a complete scam, whoever compiled this is an idiot, all he has done is take the Bonus CD from the Out of Business CD, NONE of the tracks from the first 2 albums are the original versions.


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