Down A.K.A. ”Kilo” – The Definition Of An Ese (WEB) (2007) (320 kbps)

Posted: 12.02.2019


01. Down A.K.A. ”Kilo” – The Definition Of An Ese (ft. Deamonique)
02. Down A.K.A. ”Kilo” – I’m Coming Home To You (ft. Nate Dogg)
03. Down A.K.A. ”Kilo” – Be About It (ft. Nikki Diaz)
04. Down A.K.A. ”Kilo” – Don’t Be Jealous (ft. Fingazz & Nikki Diaz)
05. Down A.K.A. ”Kilo” – Lean Like Cholo
06. Down A.K.A. ”Kilo” – G’s Need Love Too (ft. Nikki Diaz)
07. Down A.K.A. ”Kilo” – Got To Hustle (ft. Butch Cassidy & Flakiss)
08. Down A.K.A. ”Kilo” – The G Way (ft. Snoop Dogg)
09. Down A.K.A. ”Kilo” – Everlasting Nights (ft. Dey & Tanya Gomez)
10. Down A.K.A. ”Kilo” – You Ain’t Gettin’ Nothin’ (ft. Fingazz)
11. Down A.K.A. ”Kilo” – Just Like You (ft. B-Real)


320 kbps – Florenfile

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