Doseone – Ha (CD) (2005) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 02.10.2016

Doseone - Ha

The first self-produced solo album from Anticon heavyweight Adam “Dose One” Drucker Recorded over the past four years, Ha is the record behind the records, tying in major motifs and themes from all of Dose’s works with Themselves, Subtle, cLOUDDEAD, and 13 & GOD. Sonically it is an evolved return to the fall-apart opus days of his Blindfold and Slowdeath releases, while still brandishing many a whole song and club-friendly banger. From fast rapping to ambient splay, it’s all here, Ha is fun for the whole family and depth-friendly listeners of any age, and includes warm contributions from Alias, Jel, Jordan Dalyrimple, and John Herndon (Tortoise).


01 Ha
02 The Tale Of The Private Mind
03 The Universe In 6 Jumps
04 By Horoscope Light I&II
05 Axejaw
06 Lullaby #2418a
07 Enter Ed’s Head
08 Wind Machine Lining
09 Of Going
10 Hidden Track


FLAC – Novafile  |  Florenfile

320 kbps – Novafile  |  Florenfile

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