DJ Honda – HII (1998) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 16.03.2014

DJ Honda - HII

DJ Honda’s second album HII is a quantum leap over his debut, largely because he’s given himself freedom to cut-and-paste his own backgrounds and he’s enlisted a number of collaborators (X-ecutioners, KRS-One, Mos Def) to spice up the mix. He’s not a post-modernist like DJ Shadow — he’s a modern hip-hop DJ, reviving the musical adventure of early hip-hop. Occasionally, the tracks collapse under their own ambitions, but much of HII simply tears along, pushing acid-jazz and street-level beats together. It’s a fascinating, invigorating listen that more than makes the case that in the late ’90s international hip-hop can be more exciting than the homegrown kind.


01 – Roc Raida Intro (feat. Roc Raida)
02 – Trouble In The Water (feat. De La Soul)
03 – 5 Seconds (feat. Black Attack)
04 – Hai! (feat. Keith Murray & 50 Grand)
05 – Every Now & Then (feat. Syndicate)
06 – Mista Sinista Interlude (feat. Mista Sinista)
07 – Team Players (feat. Doe & KRS-One)
08 – On The Mic (feat. Cuban Link, Ju Ju, A.L., & Missin-D93)
09 – For Every Day That Goes By (feat. The Rawcotiks)
10 – WKCR Interlude (feat. Stretch Armstrong & Lord Sear)
11 – Who The Trifest (feat. The Beanuts)
12 – Talk About It (feat. Al’ Tariq)
13 – Blaze It Up (feat. Black Attack)
14 – DJ EV Interlude
15 – Go Grazy (feat. S-On)
16 – Around The Clock (feat. Problemz)
17 – When You Hot You Hot (feat. NO I.D. & Dug Infinite)
18 – Interlude (feat. Fat Lip)
19 – Travellin’ Man (feat. Mos Def)


FLAC – Florenfile

320 kbps – Florenfile

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