Dark Circle – Civilians (CD) (2003) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 31.10.2016
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Dark Circle, the multi-national, bi-lingual hip hop pairing repping the U.K and Germany have been one of the best European acts over the last two years, combining heavy, atmospheric beats with cold and intelligent lyricism. Released on the excellent JazzFudge records, home to such artists as DJ Vadim, Kid Acne and Foreign Beggars, D.C are one of British hip hop’s shining lights, along with Task Force, Jehst and Yungun.
Hoycke, comin’ straight outta Deutscheland, mixes up his brutal German raps with refreshing English verses. He actually predominantly raps in English, tearing the mic and opponents up, as well as spitting politically and socially conscious rhymes. Anik though for me is the top dog on this record, consistently dope, his flow is fresh and he seems more comfortable at times on the mic than Hoycke. His witty and astute wordplay is a step above many of his fellow rappers, either side of the atlantic.
Dark Circle have produced a very solid record here, with some ill battle raps, death threats to George Bush and laid back introspect. My favourite track is probably That’s Cool, Hoycke and Anik exchange some excellent rhymes over a chilled out beat by Son. The production on this album is also very good, no filler material here, just a well balanced mix of dark, grimey head nodders and funky breaks. Skinnymans guest appearance is a highlight, but to be honest the whole album shines bright.
I’m not going to give it five stars because they’re handed out to easily, it doesn’t match the brilliance of Biro Funk or the freshness of Spaz The World, but this is stark, intelligent and uncompromising, all in all an excellent record.


01. Introduction
02. Amateurs
03. Bleak Midwinter
04. Make It Happen (feat. Mystro)
05. Enigmatic Skit 2
06. Smokin Bush
07. Teletext
08. Slumber
09. Anonymous
10. Enigmatic Skit 3
11. Guerilla Im Nebel
12. Muddy Circles (feat. Skinnyman)
13. I Wish
14. Enigmatic Skit 1
15. Undercover Civilians
16. That’s Cool
17. Hippyshit
18. Eurostars


FLAC – Florenfile

320 kbps – Florenfile

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