D2 – Looking For The Perfect Beat (2004) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 04.05.2017

Philip Jandovsky: ”The second solo album released by Marcelo D2, À Procura da Batida Perfeita (or Looking for the Perfect Beat, as the international release is called) was a great commercial success that was also applauded by many critics. Mixing sambas with rap lyrics and hip-hop beats, Marcelo D2 clearly left the hardcore influence from his years as the leading member of Planet Hemp behind him. The music on this album is all very nice, upbeat, and radio-friendly. Several tracks actually sound as if they were written with the specific purpose of becoming summer hits (although Marcelo D2 has thankfully prevented them from becoming too banal). “Qual E?,” the most popular song on the album, gains some extra sway by containing samples from a funky Brazilian soul hit from the ’70s. Compared to the highly impressive ragamuffin hip-hop of Black Alien (also a former Planet Hemp member who embarked on a solo career as a hip-hopper), Marcelo D2 has chosen a much lighter style, very close to mainstream pop.”

1 Pra Posteridade 0:07
2 A Procura Da Batida Perfeita 3:04
3 Vai Vendo 3:26
4 A Maldição Do Samba 3:59
5 Pilotando O Bonde Da Excursão 3:50
6 Loadeando 3:29
7 Profissão M.C. 3:20
8 C.B. Sangue Bom 2:43
9 Batidas E Levadas 2:11
10 Re: Batucada 3:52
11 Qual É? 3:45
12 Batacuda 3:42
13 Eu Tiro É Onda 2:32

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