Constylations – Thought Crimes (199x) (Cassette) (320 kbps)

Posted: 02.01.2017

First Wave
A1 Diverse Esoin Amorphous Piseas – Crazy 8’s
A2 Esoin – Exist
A3 Amorphous Piseas – Fuck It
A4 Elevator Conversations
A5 Esoin A-O.N.E. – We Don’t
A6 Amorphous – Motionless
A7 Esoin – As The World Rotates
A8 Turntable Racist
A9 Amorphous G.Owns Piseas – Rat Race

2nd Thought
B1 Amorphous Piseas – ∞
B2 Esoin – Hidden Demons
B3 Piseas – Untitled
B4 Trane Of Thought
B5 Esoin – Enuffwitit
B6 Piseas Style M.I.S.I.A. Diverse Jerry English – Constantly

Props to DMT213K!

Uploaded / Florenfile

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