Carnage – Sense Of Sound (CD) (2007) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 08.08.2016

Carnage - Sense Of Sound

Carnage proudly presents salivating fans with his long-awaited official solo debut, “Sense Of Sound”. Accompanied by producer Booka B, Carnage embarks on a mission to engrain the messages that he is not just another average local battle rapper. When asked to define his “style” on this album and in general, Carnage is often quoted rattling off the description, “Immorally hand-woven catastrophe tapestry orally attached to beats”. How Fitting! Carnage seems to effortlessly, yet aggressively pull you into his world with complex, multi-syllabic rhythms of edgy, personal and controversial content. Top notch wordplay and vocal accuracy at sometimes jaw-grinding speeds keep you on the edge, wondering what Carnage is going to spit out next.

Carnage NEVER bites his tongue and sometimes says what other MC’s may be afraid to even think of! Carnage informs listeners of what is on his mind and what most often puts him on the edge of combustion. He gives his thoughts on the purpose of life and politics, as well as warning those who have negative intent to watch their steps!

Booka B drives you into a frenzy with diverse, multi-layered musical backdrops which encompass creative sampling, live instrumentation and unorthodox drum-programming for a melodic but surprisingly raw sound. “Sense Of Sound” was recorded, mixed & mastered by long-time collaborator/friend, Eyedea (Rhymesayers Entertainment), giving it a high-quality, professional feel not heard in many underground Hip Hop albums. Guest vocalists include Desdamona (“The Stank”), Concentrate (“Creative Freedom”) & Illusion (“Monsters Ink”). DJ Jimmy2Times performs wonders with Technics 1200 manipulation, supplying the album with superior scratches.

Released independently by Carnage on his own Hecatomb Industries label, “Sense Of Sound” was listed as number 9 in the top 10 best selling CD’s in MN in Fifth Element and the number 3 best seller in Electric Fetus! “Sense Of Sound” is what listeners expected from Carnage…And much more! So if you havent already, get yourself a copy of “Sense Of Sound” and see what people are talking about!


01. The Onset
02. Orientation
03. Unleashed
04. Maximum Carnage
05. Creative Freedom
06. Bring the Soul Back
07. Negative Space
08. Monsters Ink
09. The Stank
10. …Get Down Wit Us
11. Signature
12. State Of Emergency
13. Sense Of Sound
14. Bring The Soul Back Continued


FLAC – Florenfile

320 kbps – Florenfile

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