Buddha Monk – The Dark Knight (CD) (2013) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 25.09.2015

Buddha Monk - The Dark Knight

When the Chambermusik movement began, in the mid 2000s, Wu-Tang/ODB affiliate Buddha Monk was instantly a key player, releasing vast amounts of archival music from the classic 1990s Hip-Hop era, serving to historically document some missing links in Hip-Hop history. But many fans wanted to know, what has he been doing since those days? Where is the new music, and is it still dope? Well, with 2013 comes a brand new release, The Dark Knight, and a brand new Buddha Monk. Monk was not only Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s right-hand man, but unparalleled as an emcee, producer, singer, and engineer, he proves to us once more that his talent is forever, as he presents some of his strongest work to date. Featured on this outing are artists like Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Frukwan, (Gravediggaz/Stetsasonic), Darkim Be Allah (Wu-Tang), 12 0′ Clock (Wu-Tang) K-Blunt (Zu-Ninjaz), Drunken Dragon (Da Manchuz), Layza Life (Da Manchuz), Menace O.B.E.Z. (Brooklyn Zu Fam), Black Jesus (Wu-Tang Harlem 6 / Gangstarr Foundation), Popa Chief (Zu Ninjaz), Murdoc (Brooklyn Zu), Silk Ski (Brooklyn Zu), Malik aka Mark Dee (Soul Kid Klik), GNote$ aka Spiritual Assassin (Da Manchuz), and others. Producers include G-Clef da Mad Komposa (Soul Kid Klik), who also mastered and A & R’s the album. This album is exciting and consistent, and will not let you down!


01. All Out War (feat. Bobbie Khan)
02. Secrets
03. Dark Night In City (feat. K-Blunt, Drunken Dragon & Layza Life)
04. It’s A BK Beat Up (feat. Menace OBEZ & Six Sense)
05. Pop This Year (feat. Crise & Frukwan)
06. Smash Dark Knight (feat. Judah Priest, Darkim Be Allah & Sadat X)
07. Cats Dont Want It With Us (feat. Black Jesus & Dust Storm)
08. We Back (feat. Da Manchuz)
09. U Don’t Want To See Me (feat. Skitzo Flow)
10. We Ain’t Fuckin Witcha.mp3
11. We Don’t Like Them (feat. Black Venom, Mustafa & Adyl)
12. Change Now Comin
13. Get With This (feat. Bobbie Khan)
14. We Dem Brooklyn Dudes ( ft. Brooklyn Zu, Popa Chief & SilkSki)
15. I’m A Do Fine By Me
16. We Roll In Brooklyn (feat. M.Dee, Layza Life & Da Manchuz) (RMX)
17. The Caper
18. Young Rich & Paid (feat. Crise)
19. Art Of War #2


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