Brothaz Bent – Up From The Desert (CD) (2007) (320 kbps)

Posted: 23.11.2016


Up From The Desert is the first album from group Brothaz Bent. They now go by the moniker Arch Druids and have worked with Roc Marciano recently on the track Scorched Earth Policy. Real crazy samples in these beats. The album cover is from the movie El Topo. Abstract lyrics as well.

Thanks 2 Dochiphop!

01 Up From The Desert
02 Polluted Skyline
03 Daria
04 Knocturne
05 Feast Of The Fortress
06 New World Approaching
07 God Is At War
08 Life Of A Fool
09 Jacaranda
10 Hawgfrog
11 Catching Nods
12 Hollywoodland
13 Evagreen
14 Bring The Whole Family
15 Venstas
16 House On Top Of The World
17 Grainy Nights
18 Expect Thorns
19 Nuff Jewels
20 Rock vs. Water (part 2)
21 Mirrors (Venice & Bentley)
22 Scorn To Be Blue
23 Temple Of The Livivng Swing


320 kbps – Florenfile

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  • @risq read:

    Dope album… Someone got the flac ??

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