Bronx Slang – Bronx Slang (WEB) (2019) (320 kbps)

Posted: 15.10.2020

Bronx Slang was released last year and flew way under most people’s radars – even real heads might have missed it. If you missed it too and if you’re into quality boom-bap Hip Hop with that authentic vibe all-around, check it out now – this album is sure to satisfy your nostalgic cravings.

Bronx Slang – the duo consisting of veterans Jerry Beeks (best known from his solo work on the Bad Magic label) and Ollie Miggs (from rap-rock band Shootyz Groove) – released this 12 track gem following three dope singles “Well Well Well”, “Run Away Suckers” and “Ladies And Gentlemen”. This album has no useless skits, no mumbling, no choppy flows, no crooning, no trappy high hats – just straight-up traditional Hip Hop with great word-play: lyrics worth listening to and dope flows, with echos of the rapping styles of legendary emcees such as old-school pioneer Grandmaster Caz’s and Philly’s underground mic-slayer The Last Emperor. And even if the beats and the mic skills on Bronx Slang have a definite throwback feel, the lyrical content is both contemporary and pertinent.


01. Run Away Sucker (03:41)
02. Ladies and Gentlemen (02:49)
03. Rushing the Stage (02:41)
04. Well, Well, Well (03:34)
05. Karate Man Bruises on the Inside (02:37)
06. Freeze, Music Please (03:33)
07. More Grief (02:43)
08. Bronx Was Burning (03:03)
09. High Alert (03:58)
10. Married to the Game (01:57)
11. Excuse Me Officer (04:22)
12. Black Captain America (03:35)


320 kbps – Florenfile

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