Blade – Guerrilla Tactics – ‘The Only Way Forward Now!’ (2006) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 11.01.2017
Tags: ”There’s nothing in this world quite like the emotion disappointment, but likewise being proved wrong can be a great feeling. I didn’t expect a great deal from Blade’s third full length LP ‘Guerrilla Tactics’, but to my surprise it’s not only quite good, but in places damned outstanding!

Baby J has come a huge way since his early works with Yogi & associated heads and ‘Guerrilla Tactics’ puts him firmly up there as one of the most talented producers from these shores. This high level of production has obviously cleared Blade’s thoughts and he too comes harder than I’ve heard for a long, long while. Tracks like the superbly funky retro ‘Round & Round’ or the surprisingly dope ode ‘UK Hip Hop’ show Blade in a fairly familiar, yet comforting way. However it’s the stuff like the posse cut ‘Army Of Barmy Rappers’ which show Blade in a new light and could well win him over some new fans. ‘It’s Your Time’ is the customary album lead single and it doesn’t disappoint. This, like some of the veteran’s previous work really does have some mass appeal which disserves chart success. There are a smattering of naff moments, however few and far between they may be, but providing you ignore tracks like ‘B.L.A.D.E.’ you’ll not have spoiled your experience too much.

Life long fans of Blade will certainly not be disappointed by this latest instalment and it will more than likely win over some new ones. For every ropey moment, there are another two dope ones, topped by the fact Baby J seems to have an ear for banging productions!”

1 Mumps
2 Four Walls
3 MCs Just Wanna Rhyme
4 System Of A Damned
5 Beatbox (5th Element)
6 I Found A Reason
7 Army Of Barmy Rappers [Featuring] – Cipher, Manage, Respek BA, Rukus, S. Kalibre
8 MC (2nd Element)
9 It’s Your Time
10 Don’t Push Them
11 B-Boy (3rd Element
12 She’s Gone
13 The Massacre Begins [Featuring] – Humurak D Gritty, Mystro, Yogi
14 Graffitti (4th Element)
15 B.l.a.d.e.
16 Round & Round
17 DJ (1st Element)
18 UK Hip Hop

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