Big Ghost Ltd – Carpe Noctem (WEB) (2020) (320 kbps)

Posted: 10.01.2020


01. Division 1 (Intro) (feat. Lukey Cage)
02. Murder At The Opera (feat. Estee Nack, Recognize Ali, Mooch, Rigz, Asun Eastwood & Crimeapple)
03. Goon Etiquette (feat. Rome Streetz, Recognize Ali & Asun Eastwood)
04. The Elegy (feat. Rahiem Supreme, Mooch, Rigz & Rome Streetz)
05. Iz Real (Interlude) (feat. Lukey Cage)
06. Fake My Death (feat. Recognize Ali, Rahiem Supreme, Rome Streetz & Estee Nack)
07. Paper Plane Lords (feat. Estee Nack, Recognize Ali & Asun Eastwood)
08. Gladiator School (feat. Daniel Son, Asun Eastwood, Recognize Ali, Ty Farris, Rome Streetz, Mooch, Rigz, Rahiem Supreme, Estee Nack & Lukey Cage)
09. Benghazi Emporium (feat. Al.Divino, Estee Nack & Rahiem Supreme)
10. Clyde Frazier Minks (feat. Crimeapple, Estee Nack, Recognize Ali, Rahiem Supreme, Asun Eastwood, Rome Streetz, Rigz & Mooch)
11. Hate To Love (feat. Mooch & Rigz)
12. Bricks In The Futon (feat. Asun Eastwood, Recognize Ali, Mooch, Rigz & Rome Streetz)
13. The Abyss (Outro) (feat. Lukey Cage)


320 kbps – Florenfile

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