Bas Blasta – The Mouth That Roared Sampler (1994) (Cassette) (320 kbps)

Posted: 27.02.2014

This is rare Cassette sampler from Bas Blasta unreleased album. Skater4041 dropped this at the T.R.O.Y along wit that Kamakazee unheard LP, so i believe props should have been given to him.

1 Ain’t Watcha Do 4:50
2 Loungin’ 5:02
3 Burial Ground 5:28
4 The Rhythm Featuring – Fat Joe, Godfather Don, Juju (3), Lord Finesse 5:01


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  • @Isaac Flowerday read:

    Hey, appreciate the good work. I have found so many gems on this sight that have been slept on. Anyway, Afrika Bambaataa spins these two records I have been dieing to bump in my whip. They both sound like late 80s east coast Hip Hop records. One of them starts out with a guy saying “Cadillac, whatchu think about that?” and the other has a reagae style rapper singing “all the djs want to imitate me” he than goes on rapping and chanting about how hes got “lyrics in his fingers, lyrics in his wrist and lyrics in his penis”. It reminds me of Masters of Ceremony but I don’t think it is them. Anyway if you or anyone else could drop some knowledge on me I would really appreciate it

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