Barry Blue – Lord Of The Rings Mix Tape Vol. 1 (1998) (Cassette) (320 kbps)

Posted: 08.03.2017

Best copy I could come across of this extremely rare 90s UK hip-hop tape. Not all milisecond sectors will show u 320 bitrate, but i assume, that you wont get a better one. One of the rarest UK tape rips i own.

Barry Blue was a Gunshot crew member.

A1           Gunshot – The Rings Intro
A2           T Love – What’s My Name
A3           A.C.D. – Kings Of NY
A4           Lyricist Lounge Allstars – C.I.A.
A5           Mark B & Blade – Nobody Relates
A6           Numskullz – Pigment
A7           Jigmastas – Last Will & Testimony
A8           High & Mighty – Mind, Soul & Body
A9           Phi-life Cypher – A Time Of Chaos
A10        Farma G, Chester P, Mercury – Freestyle 1
A11        Alkaline – Freestyle 2
A12        Barry Blue – Freestyle 3
A13        LNJ – What You Say
A14        J. Treds – Make It Happen
A15        Lost Island – Lost Civilisations

B1           London Posse –  Jump Around
B2           Demon Boyz – International Karate
B3           Hardrock Soul Movement – Def Hypnosis
B4           MC Mell’O’ – Comin’ Correct
B5           Syndicate, The – Demanding Cycles
B6           Trouble – I Get Hype
B7           Rude Boy Business – Cool Sailing
B8           Piece Of Mind – Accept It Like This
B9           Mighty Ethnicz – Harmony Hall
B10         Katch 22 – Enter The Dopezone
B11         Black Radical MkII – England Is A Bitch
B12         Unanimous Decision – Bomb Diffusal
B13         Mans Dem, The – Outro

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