Aspects – Correct English (2001) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 02.01.2017

This much we know: British rappers can once again rhyme in their own accents without getting laughed at by children in the street. But even when the belligerent Lahndan gob of Blade can be heard on TOTP, one imagines the unabashed Bristolian broadness of the three Aspects MCs will be a stigma too far for the charts. But with a debut LP like this, who cares? ‘Correct English’, from that determined middle-finger of a title onwards, is yet another Brit-hop triumph: gloriously creative, springy of beat and showing so little interest in the fashions of the last five minutes, it renders itself utterly cool. This is hip-hop that knows how to walk the margins and rock parties simultaneously – the instrumental ‘Bristol Fingers’ imagines a Cartoon Network DJ Shadow – recalling everyone from Ugly Duckling to the Ultramagnetic MC’s to excellent labelmates Numskullz. ‘We Get Fowl’ is The Wurzels in Wu-Wear doing the Beasties’ ‘Egg Man’, a concept as entertaining as it is frightening. If it makes it easier, think of Probe Mantis, El Eye and Bubberloui as a hydra-headed, homebrewed Nelly. And then accept Aspects’ West Country grammar into your life, like the heady blast of weed-curdled air it blatantly is. /NME/Noel Gardner/

In 2007 Hip Hop Connection magazine (issue 214) ranked Aspects’ Correct English #28 in the 50 Best British Albums Ever.

1 Correct English

2 Top Choice
3 We Get Fowl
4 Adverse Curves
5 Groovy Baby
6 Psychoboogie
7 My Genre
8 Intrigue
9 Specify In Love
10 Kronos Device
11 Witchcraft
12 Scary Lesson
13 Bristol Fingers
14 Best Music
15 Here We Go
16 ‘Ects Factor
17 Lost Soul

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